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A business owner that needs to find practitioners to fill spare treatment rooms can add an unlimited number of room listings. Each listing is included in an interactive map search and availability calendar. We accept listing from all healthcare professionals, including GPs, Dentists, Counsellors, Specialists, Therapies etc.

Key Benefits:
  • Always keep your space occupied
  • Online calendar
  • Make extra revenue
  • List an unlimited number of Rooms
  • Speak one-to-one with people looking to book your room

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to list my space?

Listing are free and we only charge an 8% fee on completed bookings. This fee is automatically taken from the payment that is made to you via Stripe.


How do I register my room to be leased?

Click the + List a Room link on our site and follow the questions. When listing your room, be sure to add as much detail as possible along with quality photos.

How do I choose between hourly or daily rates?

The last step will involve you blocking out times or days when the room is not available within the calendar, if you use the room for half a day a couple times a week it may be better to select the hourly option.

What if i or the person booking needs to cancel?

You can set your own terms for cancellations and we leave this to be managed between yourself and the person booking your space.

Is price ex or inc taxes?

The pricing that you quote must be inclusive of taxes such as GST.

How do I get paid?

You are required to enter a bank account where payments will be made into.

Our systems handle all payments through Stripe ( Once someone books your room and you accept the booking, Stripe will process the payment, and the money will be held until either the person that has booked the from marks the booking as complete or until 48 hours after the booking has completed whichever comes first.  At this point, the money will be transferred to your bank account minus our booking fee and Stripe processing fees.

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